Creative Building Materials

Functional and beautiful art created from materials designed to last.

Shop the Latest “Pocket Block” Samples:

Browse through our unique hand-made artisan breeze blocks. These 4″ sample blocks are miniatures of our larger 12″ and 16″ blocks. These are great for creating an idea board for your client. New designs are coming out of the shop frequently. Check back often to see what new styles we’re releasing!

Modern Look. Timeless Materials.

Every block we manufacture is held to high standards by our artisans who appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of the mold-making and concrete forming process. Every mold and custom machine we use has been built by our team of talented craftsmen. We have developed a casting process and materials blend that produces a strong and refined looking 3-dimensional block.

We are hard at work:

Every day we are designing and building new blocks and styles as well as creating a large inventory of all of our blocks so we can supply your building needs.

Our Blog

With so many inspiring architects, builders, and artists to out there to be found, we can’t keep our own personal inspirations secret. Follow along with us as we showcase projects and people that peak our interest and make for great reading. Articles and photos by William Douglas and Thomas Porter.

Mid-Century Architecture in Phoenix (Alfred N. Beadle V)

Alfred N. Beadle V (1927–1998) Lesser Known Greater Projects: If you live in AZ and are familiar with architecture, then the chances are you have probably heard of Al Beadle. Beadle was a prominent architect that thrived here in Phoenix and focused on modern design in...

Design Brain – Spotlight on Jean Prouvé

Jean Prouvé (8 April 1901 – 23 March 1984) A Man of Many Interests: It was a picture of a stylish bicycle frame that attracted me to the works of Jean Prouvé. I was clicking through inspiration photos when I happened across it, and after I began researching more about...

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