About Us

Thomas Porter & William Douglas:
Artists of a different nature with a shared interest.

Building is what we do:

With backgrounds in art, woodworking, metalwork, and concrete, Thomas & William have shared interests in several crafts. Working together continues to be a positive cooperative effort, bringing creative ideas into reality through hard work fueled by inspiration. After their paths crossed in 2017, they developed a working relationship and friendship that turned into a mutual admiration and business venture. Their dynamic range of styles, influences, and goals have created a balanced and productive business.

Our Block Co. was started in 2018 to bring a dream to reality. The manufacture of modern architectural products with an emphasis on sustainability, art, and simplicity was the focus. With a goal of creating a new and exciting modern material that paid homage to the modern architects of the past while trying to provide new and exciting options for the architects of today, Our Block Co. hopes to become an influence and resource in the design community.

What makes us different:

We pay attention to details, we look for new ways to explore shape and light, and we craft every project in-house from the first sketch through to the final product. Every step is proficiently executed in our multifaceted businesses.



Each block we manufacture has been created from start to finish in our own workshop from concept to casting.


Always Creating

We are always making something new and exciting. Our minds never stop exploring something new a different.


High Quality

Every step of our process is designed to assure the highest possible quality.


Simple Buying

Our blocks are as simple in pricing and easy to ship.

Only The Best:

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